1113 Huge Kiss

$69.99 USD

The 1113 Huge Kiss from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful and chewable blocky bird toy. This big bird toy has lots of colorful wooden blocks to keep your feathered friends beak and feet entertained. The top of the bird toy has a heavy duty quick link connector with a sturdy metal ring hanging from it. A sturdy link chain hangs from this metal ring and continues down through the center of the toy ending in another metal ring. This metal ring at the bottom has a knot of natural sisal hanging from it. The main sturdy link chain going down the center of the toy has been adorned with many wooden blocks that are of varying sizes and are all brightly colored. These are great fun for birds to climb on and are perfect for chewing. At the top of the toy there are (2) larger rectangular blocks that have drilled holes in their ends. Through these drilled holes hang sturdy link chains that have metal rings at their top and bottom. The upper metal rings have knots of sisal tied off and the lower metal rings are great for pulling or hanging other toys from.
The 1113 Huge Kiss is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximatley:
Height: (26) inches
Width:(9) inches
Weight: (2) lbs (12) oz or (44) ounces
  • Large & colorful chewable bird toy.
  • Many colorful wooden chew blocks.
  • Fun to grab sisal & metal rings.
  • 100% bird safe.