01156 Rainbow Rope Bridge

$27.99 USD

Introducing our vibrant and engaging 01156 Rainbow Rope Bridge from Bonka Bird Toys! If your bird has a fascination for rainbows and swings, this toy is an absolute must-have. Expertly woven with sisal in six stunning colors, it brings a burst of color and excitement to your feathered friend's playtime. The 01156 Rainbow Rope Bridge is designed with versatility in mind. Not only can it be hung horizontally as a bridge, but it can also be hung vertically, adding a dynamic element to your bird's environment. It is constructed with heavy-duty O-rings and two nickel-plated quick links, ensuring secure attachment to your bird's cage. Bridge toys are more than just a delightful visual addition to your bird's habitat; they play a vital role in promoting movement and climbing, allowing your bird to engage in essential physical exercise. Your feathered companion will love exploring and navigating the 01156 Rainbow Rope Bridge, enhancing their well-being and mental stimulation. With quick-link-type connectors on both ends, this toy provides effortless versatility. Whether you string it vertically or horizontally, your bird will have a blast exploring and interacting with the 01156 Rainbow Rope Bridge. It measures approximately 35 inches in length with a woven diameter of 2.00 Inches.

  • It's the perfect size for Ringnecks, Medium Conures, Quakers, Caiques, Pionus, Senegals, African Greys, and other similarly sized pet birds.
  • It is constructed with six braided strands of colorful sisal rope, heavy-duty O-rings, and nickel-plated quick links.
  • Bridge toys promote movement, and climbing is an excellent outlet for your bird to get some exercise!
  • Due to its soft texture, the Rainbow Rope Bridge will be an excellent alternative perching area for your bird to rest its feet.
  • Quick-link type connectors are on both ends of this toy which allows it to be strung vertically or horizontally.