2909 Large Seagrass Purse

$10.99 USD $21.99

2909 Large Seagrass Purse - The Ultimate Toy for Your Feathered Friend's Foraging Fun!

🌿 Eco-Friendly & Engaging: Introducing our 2909 Large Seagrass Purse from Bonka Bird Toys, a perfect blend of nature and fun. Designed specifically for the eco-conscious bird lover, this toy is a haven of joy for your beloved bird.

🐦 Ideal for Medium to Large Birds: Whether you have an African Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, a small Cockatoo, or a mini Macaw, our seagrass purse is the perfect size to keep them entertained and engaged.

🧩 Packed with Surprises: Filled to the brim with coconut fiber, nesting hair, and crinkly foraging paper and adorned with sisal rope, wooden beads, and cardboard pieces, this toy is a treasure chest for curious beaks.

🔗 Easy to Install: It is approximately 6 inches high by 8 inches wide and has a quick link for effortless placement in your bird's habitat.

💪 Promotes Healthy Foraging: Encourage your bird's natural foraging instincts! Hide treats inside the purse and watch your feathered friend delight in the thrill of the hunt.

🔨 Supports Beak Health: Our destructible design satisfies your bird's instinctual need to chew and promotes good beak health, ensuring they stays happy and healthy.

🌈 Safe & Colorful: Crafted with bird-safe components and food-grade colorants, the 2909 Large Seagrass Purse is as safe as fun.

🤔 Looking for Something Smaller? Explore our smaller version, the 2907, which is perfect for tinier beaks and smaller avian companions.