1038 Huge Fuzz Rope Ring promotes healthy preening, climbing, swinging, chewing and just plain old exciting bird time fun. Read more about it here.

1038 Huge Rope Ring

The 1038 Huge Fuzz Rope Ring will provide lots of fun play time for your bird, it's big and packs a punch, your medium to large size bird will be very well entertained. This toy promotes many different healthy habits. There is lots of endless fun for your medium to large feathered friend.

The main body is a large soft cotton rope ring, adorned at the top with tied solid colored plastic beads, a large bell and tied leather accents containing brightly colored plastic dice. The bottom half is saturated with lengthy colored pieces of sisal, which will fray out as your bird preens on it, in the bottom center of the ring, the soft cotton has purposely been finished with a large frayed soft cotton knot, to give your bird more choice of preening, pulling and chewing. It comes complete with a sturdy link chain with a quick link for easy placement, it measures approximately 35 inches high by 17 inches wide and has an approximate rope diameter of 1 inch. The various colors and the sound that this toy gives off will leave your bird amazed and anxiously coming back for more. Anything your bird chooses to play with on this selection will cause the bell to sound off as birds love generating noise. This toy has many different texture options for your feathered friend to choose from as well, the sisal rope for lift and ease pulling, or the large cotton rope for a little bit more of a struggle, or the beads or dice for some great interactive play play. This is a toy that you and your best feathered friend will not forget.

March 18, 2018 — Bonka Bird Toys


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Looking to purchase the Huge Fuzz Rope Ring 1038
Do you still make these?

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