The 1902 Huge Orbit is a superb toy for your medium to large sized bird. Your pet has tons of playful options with this toy. Learn more about it here.

1902 Huge Orbit

The 1902 Huge Orbit has a large selection of entertainment for your pet. The toy has plenty of pulling and tugging power that will keep your bird occupied for lengthy periods of time. The plastic material is washable allowing you the option to keep the toy clean and make it last even longer.

The 1902 Huge Orbits inner ball makes a delightful sound that will keep your bird amused. The large plastic orbit rattle ball has movable plastic cylinders, decorated with colored sisal rope, plastic beads and discs and suspended with a solid linked colored plastic chain link. This toy measures approximately 16 inches high by 8 inches wide, comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement. This toy provides a platform for your pet friend and plenty of upper body movement alternatives keeping your bird mentally, emotionally, and physically fit all in one. It is proven that all species of birds adore chewing on the multi-colored sisal rope. And also the pulchritudinous discs with multiple color options is a great tool for your bird to use and the little holes are great for massaging of the beak. The plastic cylinders on the Orbit rattle ball are moveable which keeps your bird actively entertained for hours. Birds can climb all over this toy as it is dependable and durable. The flamboyant beads located above the disks are also a good upper body excercise for you feathered friend as he or she can move it up and down the sisal rope. This toy, like all of our toys at Bonka Bird toys, are made with 100% bird safe material and specially created to give your bird full satisfaction. 

January 01, 1970 — Bonka Bird Toys

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