Bonka Bird Toys offers the 1853 Duo Foraging Star and the 1854 Tri Foraging Star for medium to large birds. Check out these cool shredding and foraging toys.

Some great foraging star toys are the 1853 Duo Foraging Star and the 1854 Tri Foraging Star. You really can’t go wrong with either one if the feathered friend in your family enjoys foraging and shredding. These star-themed toys from Bonka Bird Toys are sure to be big hits in your aviary!

You may recall not too long ago when we took a close look at the 1839 Foraging Star. If you’re on the hunt for something a bit more robust, then you can double the excitement with the 1853 Duo Foraging Star, or triple it with the 1854 Tri Foraging Star. The same great features and accessories are back from before, as your winged wingman will enjoy the beak-pleasing wooden chew stars, the colored natural vine balls that are decorated all over with satisfying shreddy paper, and the shiny ringing bell that hangs below on each toy. Both toys also have a super convenient quick-link attachment at the top, making installation a breeze.

There are plenty of your ways for your avian amigo to enjoy the 1853 Duo Foraging Star and the 1854 Tri Foraging Star. The name of the game here is foraging, and it does not disappoint. If your flying pal has their thinking feathers ready, then they will search high and low for whatever treats and surprises you hide inside the vine balls. With all the enticing and colorful shredded paper, you can disguise the loot and make your pet earn their reward. Don’t forget that birds forage naturally. They appreciate the extra challenge of having to find the prize inside. This activity helps keep their minds sharp, and it has been shown to boost a bird’s cognitive ability over time. We’re talking science here, so get ready to hide the goodies to give you best beaked buddy a bird brain boost!

But there are also times when your flying pal needs to blow off some steam and just tear things to bits. Luckily for your pet, the 1853 Duo Foraging Star and the 1854 Tri Foraging Star happen to make fantastic shredding toys. Your pet can use their beak and talons to tear apart the colorful shreddy paper, and even the natural vine balls if they’re feeling extra rowdy. You might think that your pet is angry, but tearing up these toys is an instinctual behavior for many of these birds. And trust us, it’s better for your pet to be tearing up one of their bird-safe toys than something else around the house. So give your pet some stress-relief with one of these foraging star toys!

The 1853 Duo Foraging Star has six (6) colored wooden chew stars and two (2) colorful natural vine balls. And with the 1854 Tri Foraging Star, these numbers rise to eight (8) colored wooden chew stars and three (3) colorful natural vine balls. Both toys have a single bell at the bottom and a quick-link attachment at the top for easy hanging. All of the materials used in these toys are completely bird-safe, but make sure to supervise your pet during their first play session to ensure a fun and safe playtime experience. For physical dimensions the 1853 Duo Foraging Star is ten (10) inches tall, six (6) inches wide, three (3) inches deep, and it weighs less than four (4) ounces, while the 1854 Tri Foraging Star clocks-in at (13) inches tall, eight (8) inches wide, three (3) inches deep, and it weighs less than six (6) ounces. Both of these toys are proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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