Perches are a necessity in a birds home, however stationary pieces can get boring. Give your bird some movement and texture. Check these fantastic rope swings below!

Swinging, climbing and finding new ways to eat and explore are all in a day's work for our feathered friends. Rope swings offer a great opportunity for your bird to sway and play just as they would on the branches of the wild. Especially with the variety of colorful, chewy attachments!

1422 Rope Pyramid

The 1422 Rope pyramid, is it a perch or is it a swing? It's both! The best of both worlds with this soft cotton rope pyramid swing. Your small feathered friends will love the colored chewable wooden balls and cylinders attached throughout and neatly finished with frayed knots for more entertaining bird activities. Rope pyramid measures approximately 12 inches high with a diameter of 6 inches.

  • Encourages balance, coordination and strong leg muscles.
  • Durable soft cotton construction.
  • Has all the potential for rocking, playing and preening.
  • Quick link attachment for easy cage placement.

1045 Small Rope Boing

The 1045 Small Boing Rope Swing is a full-service toy for your smaller bird. Good for cockatiels to smaller conures to climb and swing on this comfortable 100% soft cotton corkscrew of joy. This boing has a new swivel attached to the top so the Boing can spin freely with your birds playtime. Add a small bell attached at the bottom and this simple construction becomes a whirlwind of enjoyment. It measures approximately 48 inches when stretched out, when coiled it has a 6-inch width with a rope

diameter of 1/2-inch.

  • Soft 100% cotton rope.
  • New swivel c-link for hours of fun.
  • Great for climbing and swinging.
  • All bird safe materials.
May 01, 2018 — Bonka Bird Toys

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