Our shop is filled with many great Bonka Bird Toys. Check out some of our favorite bird toys to make sure your feathered friend stays happy and entertained.

There are so many great Bonka Bird Toys that it’s hard to pick just a few. Our site features toys and gadgets for all types of birds so that they always stay amused. Your pet is sure to love almost any toy you pick out, but here are some of our favorite selections from Bonka Bird Toys.

1969 Spoon Delight


The 1969 Spoon Delight is a long-lasting and fun toy that is great for medium-sized birds. It is attractive and stimulating, and it will certainly keep your bird’s focus. The toy consists mainly of a chain that has multiple stainless steel spoons and acrylic plastic rings attached. The super fun device is great for any feathered friend who wants to poke at something dangly and colorful. You can even attach your own additions to the chain for added amusement. This toy is very durable, and it will remain intact for many years. The chain is 14 inches long, and the spoons measure 3 to 4 inches each. All the materials are bird-safe, and multiple hanging options are available.

1242 Helix


The 1242 Helix is a fun and trippy toy that is perfect for small-to-medium birds that are ready to poke, peck and chew. The colorful shred tubes, vibrant colored rings and plastic beads will definitely attract your bird’s attention, and the natural vine center will keep them coming back for more. Birds love to fly up to this toy and play with it to their heart’s content. Just hang it up in the cage, and watch your parrot, budgerigar, cockatoo, canary or other pet bird fly up for foraging and shredding. All the materials are bird-safe, and the product is handmade in the USA.

1007 Goody Bag


The 1007 Goody Bag is a basket full of fun for any smaller bird. The Goody Bag is filled with colorful crinkled paper that is great for foraging, and it all hides a durable acrylic rattle ball. The ball provides the perfect noise stimulation needed to keep your tiny pal amused and happy. You can refill the basket with treats or more foraging paper for extra fun later on. It’s great for any parrotlet or cockatiel owner who wants to provide an entertaining treat or trinket for their little one. The materials are bird-safe, and the product is made by hand in America.

February 14, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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