Birds love toys that have lots of different materials and textures for them to explore. These three new toys have tons of materials which will excite any pet!

The 1633 Sunshine, 1636 Disco and the 1635 ABC Man are toys with an focus on interactivity. Each toy is different, but what they have in common is that they are made so that your pet will love exploring, grabbing, shaking, climbing, hanging and destroying different parts of the toy.

Any bird lover knows how much fun an interactive bird toy can be. Birds need stimulation, and toys that have lots of different things to play with fill this need perfectly. These toys are made with 100% bird safe material which is a blast for your pet to chew, bite and pick apart. All of the toys have a quick link connector for easy mounting in just about any cage.

1633 Sunshine

  • 1633 Sunshine
    The 1633 Sunshine is a bright toy with lots of different bird pleasing colors. The main wooden piece of the toy with the happy sunflower face has wooden beads held down with knotted leather string. The bottom of the toy has 4 sturdy link chains adorned with bird safe wooden balls and discs. The bottom of each chain has a circular link. The top of the toy has a chain with a quick link connector for easy cage placement. The toy measures approximately 12 inches tall by 4 inches wide.

    1636 Disco

  • 1636 Disco
    The 1636 Disco is a super interactive toy for your small to medium bird friend. The toy has vegetable tanned leather strips that link the different parts of the toy together. The top of the toy hangs from a strand of leather that has a quick link attachment for easy cage placement. Two rectangle wooden pieces dangle leather strands that have circular pieces of colored wooden circles tied off all the way down each strand. Each part of the 1636 Disco is bird safe and can be totally chewed apart! The Disco is 9 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide.

  • 1635 ABC Man
    The 1635 ABC Man is a great toy for high energy medium to large size birds. The toy has a large quick link connector attached to a metal loop on the top of the toy. The body of the toy has bird safe colored wooden spheres, round rods and bird safe fun toy blocks. The bottom of the toy has a sturdy bird safe bell. The arms and legs of the toys also have colored wooden blocks and rods, and also has plastic balls and colored flat wooden sticks. The ends of each arm and leg have a strand of vegetable colored leather that adds to the interactivity of the toy. The 1635 ABC Man is 12 inches high by 8 inches wide. 
August 14, 2018 — Bonka Bird Toys

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