What are the best selling bird foot toys?

What are the best selling bird foot toys?

Apr 3rd 2018 Bonka Bird Toys

These three items are great for your small medium or large sized feathered friend when it comes to playing, chewing, and foot toys. Learn more about them here.

The 1199 6 huge nuts and bolts Is a great chew, foot and play toy. The 1195 play 3 is 3 assorted foot toys for your small to medium-sized feathered friend. The 2008 Huge 5-inch plastic ball is a great foot toy for your large sized feathered friend to enjoy rolling and chasing around.

2008 Huge 5 Inch Plastic Ball

The 2008 Huge 5-inch Plastic Ball is a sturdy, durable 5 inch plastic ball with another ball inside it that will greatly entertain your feathered friend. It is made from a durable colored plastic. You can even put treats inside the ball which will excite and entertain your pet. This toy is very easily maintained and measures approximately 5 inches in diameter.

1195 Play Three

The 1195 Play Three is 3 assorted foot toys thats a great addition to any birds toy collection. It consists of one lux ball foot toy with a bell, one foraging ball with a bell and a colorful plastic roller cage with a bell. Every bird loves to pickup and manipulate objects and these toys satify that desire perfectly. They each measure approximately 1 1/2 inches in length and diameter. The colors of these toys may vary.

1199 6 Huge Nuts And Bolts

The 1199 Six Huge Nuts And Bolts are very colorful and are made from durable plastic. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. They measure approximately 2 1/2 inches long by 1 3/4 inches wide, the inner stem varies from 5/8-inch up to 1-inch. There are endless play possibilities and we are sure that your favorite feathered friend would love to have them in his or her cage

Apr 3rd 2018 Bonka Bird Toys

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