1439 Large Jolly Ball

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1439 Large Jolly Ball is the perfect hideaway for your small to medium-sized feathered friends.

1439 Large Jolly Ball is the perfect hideaway for your medium-sized feathered friends. The colorful plastic orb is suspended on a thick chain and has four additional plastic side chains to add more toys, or let them climb and play. The durable plastic ball has a diameter of approximately 10 inches, with four 3 1/2 inch openings, total height with chain and quick link is approximately 23 inches. This is a fun and long-lasting hideaway and it will become a great nesting hangout for your cherished friends. May come in a different color as to what is shown. Great for Conures, Senegals, smaller Goffin Cockatoos, or other medium sized parrots.

  • A SIMULATED NESTING ENVIRONMENT - Takes place of the abandoned nesting holes or natural cavities usually found in the wild.
  • A FUN HANGOUT AND PLAYFUL HIDEAWAY - Great place to play, hide treats, and just have fun.
  • ALL BIRD SAFE MATERIALS - Durable construction with non-toxic materials make this toy very bird friendly.
  • QUICK LINK - Easy placement of toy whether in or out of the cage.
  • QUALITY HANDMADE IN USA.- A Quality product Proudly made by hand in Florida USA.


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