60045 Large Treasure Chest Refill

$6.99 USD


60045 Large Treasure Chest Refill Colorful food dyed wooden beads, cubes, and cylinders to refill your treasure chest. Easy to install and they are 100% bird safe. Approximately there are a total of 12 pieces, the cylinders measure 2 inches long with a width of 3/4-inch, the cubes are 1-inch square and the beads are 3/4-inch in diameter.

  • PERFECT SIZE for refilling the Bonka Bird Toys treasure chests 60020 small and 60019 large.
  • MULTIPLE PIECES can be used for other crafting or bird toy making projects.
  • FOOT TALON TOY give your bird a healthy alternative makes for a great toy in or out of the cage.
  • BIRD SAFE MATERIAL wooden cubes cylinders and beads colored with food safe dye.