3885 Heart Log

$7.99 USD


Discover Playful Delight with Bonka Bird Toys 3885 Heart Log

Elevate your medium to large bird's playtime with the 3885 Heart Log from Bonka Bird Toys – a perfect combination of chewing, foraging, and shredding fun. Designed for birds like Conures, African Greys, and Cockatiels, this toy is a fantastic way to keep your feathered friend mentally stimulated and physically active.

Why Your Bird Will Love the 3885 Heart Log:

  • Foraging Fun: The hand-woven vine heart, accompanied by two natural Sola Atta logs, offers an excellent opportunity for your bird to forage, mimicking their natural behavior in the wild.
  • Chew and Shred: The integration of crinkly paper around the logs provides an ideal texture for chewing and shredding, catering to your bird's destructive impulses in a safe way.
  • Treat Hiding Spots: Multiple hiding places for treats keep your bird intrigued and busy, promoting mental stimulation and reducing cage boredom.
  • Visually Enticing: Available in five attractive colors, this toy not only satisfies their curiosity but also brightens up their cage environment.

Safe and Durable:

  • Made with 100% bird-safe materials, giving you peace of mind about your bird's playtime safety.
  • The toy's durability makes it a long-lasting addition to your bird's cage, offering endless hours of enjoyment.

Easy to Install:

  • Comes with a quick link attachment, making it simple to place in or out of the cage, fitting seamlessly into your bird's environment.

Ideal Size for Engagement:

  • Measuring approximately 10 inches high by 5 inches wide and weighing around 1 ounce, it's perfectly sized for medium to large birds, offering ample play without being overwhelming.

The 3885 Heart Log from Bonka Bird Toys isn't just a toy; it's a portal to a world of exploration and joy for your bird. This refillable and reusable toy is not only a source of entertainment but also enhances their cage surroundings, keeping your cherished companion engaged and happy. Offer your bird the gift of fun and enrichment with the 3885 Heart Log – a unique and stimulating toy that promises to be a favorite.