964 Duo Bizzy Ball

$18.99 USD

964 Duo Bizzy Ball has plenty of pulling and tugging power to keep your bird busy and entertained for hours. The inner ball noises will keep your medium to large sized feathered friends coming back for more noisy fun. The two sizeable plastic orbit rattle balls have movable plastic cylinders, decorated with colored sisal rope, plastic beads, and discs and suspended with a solid linked chain. The washable plastic material keeps this toy durable, and it will last a very long time. Measures approximately 19 inches high by 6 inches wide, comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement.

  • A MULTI-USE TOY - Great climbing, chewing, preening and foraging options.
  • DURABLE AND LONG LASTING - The colorful plastic construction is easily maintained and it will become a permanent cage fixture.
  • All BIRD SAFE MATERIALS - No harmful substances giving you peace of mind when it comes to playtime.
  • QUICK LINK - Easy placement of toy whether in or out of the cage.