841 Space Station

$14.99 USD

The 841 Space Station From Bonka Bird Toys is an explosion of shredding and chewing material for your medium to large beaked buddy! This colorful and shreddable toy looks great in any cage with its eye-catching design and easy to install size. At the top of this bird, the toy is a quick link connector for fast hanging in your pet's aviary. A metal wire wraps around this quick link connector and works as the bird toys backbone. Your pet will find a colorful wooden bead sitting on top of a half-ring cardboard chew bagel. Next are (2) small strips of woven palm strip that rest on top of a colorful piece of wood. This setup of a colorful wooden bead, half chew bagel, finger trap, and wooden chew is found on the 841 Space Station on the top bottom left and right sides. In the middle, there is a large cardboard chew bagel with a natural vine ball sitting inside of it. This huge vine ball has been stuffed with colorful shreddy paper that your pet will love to pull out. On the left, right, and bottom of the bird toy is big knots of all-natural cotton rope. These knots hang with (2) ends that have more colorful wooden beads for your pet. The cotton rope has frayed edges making it perfect for preening for your pet.
The 841 Space Station is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:
Height: (15) inches
Width: (13.5) or (13 1/2) inches
Depth: (5) inches
Weight: Under (9) ounces
  • Natural bird toy offers a variety of entertaining materials and textures.
  • Boredom busting fun.
  • All bird safe construction.
  • Quick link for easy cage placement.

Shipped in Assorted Colors!