60017 Large Bullet Proof Bell

$18.99 USD


Introducing the 60017 Large Bulletproof Bell: A Durable and Interactive Toy for Your Feathered Companion

Prepare to amaze your large bird with the exceptional durability and interactivity of the 60017 Large Bulletproof Bell. Crafted from bulletproof plastic, this bell toy is built to withstand the test of time, surpassing the desires of even the most determined feathered friends.

Unlike other wood chew-friendly toys, the Large Bulletproof Bell is designed to endure the relentless pecks and powerful beak of your bird, challenging their wit and providing a long-lasting and engaging playtime experience. Its virtually indestructible construction ensures that your bird can enjoy this toy for an extended period without compromising its integrity.

With its bright color choices, the Large Bulletproof Bell not only captures your bird's attention but also adds a vibrant touch to their environment. The sturdy link chain, along with the included quick link attachment, guarantees secure placement within the cage, allowing your bird to engage with the toy effortlessly.

As an added bonus, the toy features a small loop at the bottom, providing you with the opportunity to decorate or add additional elements to further customize the toy according to your bird's preferences.

Measuring approximately 11 inches in height and 5 inches in width, this toy is perfectly suited for large birds, offering them an interactive challenge that keeps them mentally and physically stimulated.

Unleash the rough and tumble playtime experience with the 60017 Large Bulletproof Bell. Watch as your feathered companion engages with this virtually indestructible toy, providing them with hours of entertainment and enrichment. Elevate their cage environment with a toy that embodies durability, interactivity, and vibrant colors.