55101 Large Super Shredder Ball

$36.99 USD

The 55101 Super Shredder Ball from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful and shreddable party for your medium to large sized feathered friend! This excellent shredder toy is packed with wooden chew pieces and colorful shreddy paper. The top of the bird toy has a quick link connector with a metal ring looped around it. A small sturdy link chain hangs from the ring continuing down to another ring. This ring loops through the top natural twine net that the shredder ball is made from. The ball itself is this natural vine net that has been stuffed with beak and feet pleasing shreddy items! Your pet will find tons of assorted chewable wood pieces and loads of easy to shred colorful paper. As your pet grabs and pulls the material out the toy it will move all about and create lots of color and excitement! Shreddy balls like these are perfect for any cage that fits them as they add a bird pleasing foraging interactive toy.


The 55101 Super Shredder Ball is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:


Height: (15) inches

Width: (8) inches

Weight: Under (20) ounces

  • Great colorful shreddy ball.
  • Lots of paper and chew wood.
  • Perfect for adding foraging fun.
  • 100% bird safe.

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