50074 Small Blocks N Knots

$7.99 USD

The 50074 Small Blocks N Knots from Bonka Bird Toys is an easy to play with super shreddable small sized bird toy. This bird toy has great cardboard blocks that are perfect shredding items for beaks and feet! The top of the bird toy does include a quick link connector tha can be used to hang the toy from a cage bar or structure. A colorful cotton rope knots around the quick link and continues through the center of the toy ending with a knot and bundle of colorful cotton fray. This fray is great for pets to exercise their preening instinct. The body of the toy is made from (3) cardboard blocks. These cardboard blocks have interesting sides, smooth tops and bottoms and can be fully chewed & shredded apart. The straightforward and non threatening design make this toy excellent for lots of different pets while the lightweight lets beaked buddies of all ages and abilities enjoy.

The 50074 Small Blocks N Knots is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (11) inches

Width: (3.5) or (3 1/2) inches

Weight: Under (3) ounces

  • Super shreddable small sized bird toy.
  • Easy to grab cardboard blocks.
  • Colorful all natural cotton rope.
  • 100% bird safe.