50062 Platinum Tweeter Little Weave

$5.99 USD

Elevate your smaller avian friend's environment with the 50062 Little Weave from Bonka Bird Toys, a preening toy that merges fun with function. Designed specifically for small to medium-sized birds, this toy features an array of soft, colored cotton strands, hanging like an oversized tassel, to create a preening paradise that your birds will adore.

Engaging and Safe Preening Experience

The Little Weave offers a vibrant mix of colors, making it not only a visually stimulating addition to any bird's cage but also an essential tool for promoting natural preening behaviors. The gentle, soft cotton strands encourage your birds to engage in preening, helping them maintain their feathers while providing a comforting activity that mimics their natural instincts.

Thoughtfully Designed for Bird Safety

Safety is paramount, and the Little Weave is designed with your bird's well-being in mind. The cotton strands are made to easily untangle and come apart, preventing any risk of your bird getting tangled in the toy. With dimensions of approximately 8 inches in height and 3 inches in width, it provides ample space for your bird to interact with without overwhelming them.

Simple and Secure Cage Installation

Complete with a quick link for effortless cage placement, the Little Weave ensures that setting up your bird's new favorite toy is as simple as possible. This feature allows for immediate enjoyment, letting your bird dive into the world of preening as soon as the toy is introduced to their cage.

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    Bonka Blog: The Little Weave.

    "My Quaker is Crazy about this Toy. She Preens them and sleeps with them, and because I buy the same ones every time, there is no "Introducing a new Toy Time" Also worth the money....However, at times she gets pretty rough with them."