Bonka Bird Toys 3886 Large Apple Chew Cluster Bird Toy

$29.99 USD

The 3886 Apple from Bonka Bird Toys is an intelligent, fun chew toy for medium to large birds. With quick-hanging heavy-duty connectors, vibrant colors, and engaging removable chain link legs, the 3886 Apple will have any bird happily occupied in no time! The large piece of chewing wood shaped like an apple painted with bird-friendly colors features (5) drilled holes that connect five durable link chains adorned with perforated plastic balls, wooden beads, wooden slats, and metal rings. Perfect for getting into those angles and gaps that regular chew toys can't reach, it promises hours of entertainment and fun for your feathered friend. Let your pet explore its creative side with the 3886 Apple - bringing playtime possibilities. No matter what kind of bird you're caring for - parrot, budgie, or macaw - they will indeed find this bright apple a perfect treat! It measures approximately 20 Inches high by 6 Inches wide by 5 Inches deep.

  • The 3886 Apple bird toy is perfect for Amazons, African Greys, Macaws, and similarly sized pet birds.
  • Designed with crunchy balsa blocks, plastic foraging balls, melodic bells, and wooden bead balls, all stacked on a sturdy wire. 
  • Destructible toys satisfy a bird's instinct to chew and promote good beak health.
  • Attaches to the cage with a bird-safe pear link.
  • It is assembled with bird-safe materials you can trust.