3797 Large Pear

$34.99 USD

3797 Large Pear from Bonka Bird Toys is an enticing and bird-pleasing chewable toy that's sure to bring excitement to your prominent feathered companions. This substantial interactive toy offers many chewable wooden pieces, lemon and lime-colored wooden bead balls and slats, plastic foraging balls, and melodic bells. This pear-shaped delight is not only entertaining but also safe for your bird to enjoy. With dimensions measuring approximately 22 inches in height, 6 inches in width, and 4 inches in depth, this toy provides a generous canvas for your feathered friend to explore and interact. The 3797 Large Pear is designed with the well-being of your bird in mind, ensuring a 100% bird-safe experience. It weighs under 1 lb, making it easy to incorporate into your bird's play area. The toy is large and interactive, promising hours of engaging playtime for your feathered friend. Its heavy-duty quick link and pullable chain legs make it a breeze to secure in your bird's cage, providing a sturdy and hassle-free setup. Give your Amazons, African Greys, Macaws, and alike the gift of the 3797 Large Pear from Bonka Bird Toys, an interactive and stimulating addition to their playtime. Order now and watch as your cherished companion explores, chews, and enjoys this fantastic toy.

  • Generously Sized: The 3797 Large Pear stands at an impressive 19" height, 5" width, and 0.5" depth, providing ample space for your bird's exploration and play, promoting their physical and mental well-being.
  • Colorful and Interactive: Lemon and lime-colored wooden bead balls, slats, plastic foraging balls, and melodic bells offer a visually stimulating and engaging experience for your feathered friend.
  • Bird-Safe Quality: Crafted with bird safety in mind, this toy is 100% bird-safe, ensuring your pet's playtime is secure and enjoyable without worry.
  • Lightweight and Easy Setup: Weighing under 1 lb, this large and interactive bird toy can be effortlessly added to your bird's cage. Its heavy-duty quick link and pullable chain legs ensure a stable and hassle-free attachment.
  • Hours of Chewing Fun: The 3797 Large Pear is loaded with many chewable wooden pieces, providing your bird with various textures to enjoy and keep their beak engaged during playtime.