3740 Small Corner Stand

$22.99 USD

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The 3740 Small Corner Stand from Bonka Bird Toys is a delightfully fun corner cage perch. This perch has wonderful bird-pleasing colors and an exciting chewable toy hanging. The perch includes (3) threaded screws passing through cleanly drilled holes with large pan washers and wing nuts. These pan washers and wing nuts allow the corner perch be securely installed in the cage. These screws sit on a vertical backing board that supports the large square perch. The softwood grain color with its two-tone looks excellent in cages. In the corner of the perch there is a small round wooden dowel with sisal wrapped sturdy wire poking up straight. This wire can be bent in different shapes. Hanging from its end is a metal eyelid screw with a chewable small bird toy dangling from a small quick link connector. This small bird toy has a paper rope, chewable wooden pieces, a woven palm rope, a plastic chain, and natural colorful vine balls for your pet to enjoy. This small-sized perch has a ton of fun for your pet. The 3740 Small Corner Stand is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately: Height: (13) with the toy rope raised up, Width: (7) inches, Depth: (7) inches, Weight: Under (16) ounces

  • Delightful corner perch.
  • Includes a small bird toy.
  • Great fun for pets.
  • 100% bird safe.