3689 Pk5 Spiky Xmas

$10.99 USD

The 3689 Pk5 Spiky Xmas are very interactive foot toys for your small to medium-sized pet bird. The 3689 comes with five spiky Xmas characters in the pack, ready to be played with. The spiky Xmas characters weigh 5 ounces together and measure about 2 inches long with a 1.5-inch height, but this will vary from character to character. The spiky Xmas characters are made with soft bird safe plastic. The spiky Xmas characters face and body all have lots of small shapes, making it easy and fun for your pet to play with them. Your pet is sure to love their lightweight , bright colors and easy to grab parts. The 3689 is made with 100% bird safe material.
  • Includes five spiky colorful Xmas characters.
  • Great foot toys.
  • Bright colors and fun look.
  • 100% bird safe material.