3673 Seagrass Roll

$12.99 USD

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The 3673 Seagrass Roll from Bonka Bird Toys is packed with shredding materials for your feathered friend! The top of the toy has a quick link attachment for fast and easy hanging. A leather strip knots around the branch and continues down to the toy—the leather strip strings through cardboard cutouts and wooden beads. The central part of the toy is a seagrass mat that's been rolled into a tube. The inside of the box has been stuffed with colorful shreddy paper and natural raffia material. The roll is held together with a cardboard chew bagel on either side. A metal bell and a leather strip hang underneath on either side. These strips also have cardboard cutouts and wooden shapes hanging from them. The toy is an absolute chewers' delight as just about everything on the toy can be chewed apart. The 3673 Seagrass Roll is 100% bird safe.


  • Great chewing bonanza.
  • Loads of beak-pleasing textures.
  • Natural cage-warming colors.
  • Weighs under (10) ounces.
  • It measures about (9) inches tall, (8 inches wide, and (3) inches deep.