3650 Huge Square Block

$44.99 USD

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The 3650 Huge Square Block from Bonka Bird Toys is a chewable and grabbable blocky bird toy. This large size toy has lots of chewable wooden pieces to keep your beaked buddy entertained. The top of the toy includes a heavy duty quick link connector that hangs a sturdy metal link chain. This chain hangs down to the toy and suspends is via a sturdy metal eyelid at located at the top of the main body block. This chain is also adorned with a colorful chew bead. The body of the toy is large wooden square that has many drilled holes and is brightly colored. Through these holes are more sturdy link chain that hang legs of wooden chew blocks and wooden chew spheres. At the bottom of these chewy legs are sturdy metal rings perfect for grabbing or hanging more items from the toy.

The 3650 Huge Square Block is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (20) inches

Width: (6) inches

Depth: (6) inches

Weight: (3) lbs (8) ounces or (48) ounces

  • Large chewable bird toy.
  • Many wooden colorful chew blocks.
  • Lots of sturdy link chain.
  • 100% bird safe.