3645 Jumbo Gearing

$28.99 USD

The 3645 Jumbo Gearing from Bonka Bird Toys is an assorted chewable delight for your pet bird. This large bird toy has a great assortment of different materials to keep beaks and feet busy. A quick link connector hangs the toy at the top with a sturdy link chain hanging down from it. This link chain passes through a drilled hole in the center of the toy ending with a sturdy metal ring on the bottom. On the top the chain is adorned with a colorful plastic bead, colorful plastic gear and a chewable wooden piece. The circular body of the toy is made from a large cardboard chew bagel. This bagel is made from many layers of compressed cardboard that have been formed into a tube. The outer layer is brightly colored and each layer can be peeled back and chewed apart. On (4) places on the ring there are drilled holes with lengths of natural leather strung through. These are knotted and hold more plastic beads and plastic gears. In the middle of the bird toy there are (3) natural leather strips each with (2) legs of colorful wooden chew blocks and colorful plastic beads.

The 3645 Jumbo Gearing is 100% bird safe and ships in bright assorted bird pleasing colors and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (18) inches

Width: (12) inches

Depth: (5) inches

Weight: (1) lbs (12) ounces or (27) ounces

  • Large chewable colorful bird toy.
  • Great assortment of bird pleasing materials.
  • Fun to grab & pull.
  • 100% bird safe.