36407 Clip Mirror

$2.99 USD


The 36407 Clip Mirror from Bonka Bird Toys is classic and straightforward bird toys that your small feathered friend will love! These small bird toys have an excellent design that has been entertaining pet birds for many generations! The clip mirrors are available in (2) bright colors - Red or Green. Each of the mirrors has (2) small wires on the front that are adorned with abacus beads. These beads are brightly colored and super easy to move back and forth. Your feathered friend will love to admire their reflection in the mirror while they interact with the beads and check out the brightly colored mirror frame. The mirror frame design is simple making it an ideal toy for those pets who are picky with their toys. The mirror frame is a rectangular shape with (2) tabs on the side for vertical or horizontal mounting. These mirrors install so fast and easy you'll be able to put as many up as needed for your beaked buddy! The 36407 Clip Mirrors are 100% bird safe and measure about (5) inches long, (2.62) inches wide with a (0.37) inch depth.

  • Wonderful bird mirror for small pets.
  • Clip horizontally or vertically.
  • Durable plastic construction.
  • 100% bird safe.