3542 Pk50 Wood Tubes

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The 3542 Pk50 Wood Tubes from Bonka Bird Toys are great simple natural wooden foot toys for your pet bird! Foot toys like these are great replacement for other toys and are recommended to always have ready to play with. This pack includes (50) natural wooden tubes all cut the same. Each tube is uncolored and looks great in any cage or aviary with their clean natural wood look. The natural wood is sturdy and very enjoyable for pets to chew on with their beaks. Each wooden tube measures a little larger than (0.5) inches on all its sides. This lets most smaller to medium size birds enjoy the tubes with their beaks and feet. The tubes can be added to other toys giving them extra foraging material! These natural wooden tubes are so convenient they can even be used for regular arts and crafts! From the cage, to the classroom to anything that comes to the imagination the 3542 Pk50 Wood Tubes are great anywhere! This bird foot toy is 100% bird safe.

  • 3542 Pk50 Wood Tubes from Bonka Bird Toys are great natural foot toys.
  • These uncolored natural wooden tubes look great in any cage or aviary they are placed.
  • Your pet will love to pick them up, chew the natural wood and feel the cubes with their feet.
  • The tubes work great as extra chewing and foraging material and can easily fill other toys.
  • With (50) natural wooden blocks to a pack you and your pet bird will have hours of fun!