3504 Star Bear

$10.99 USD

The 3504 Star Bear from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful and unique bird toy that is eye-catching for birds and people alike! This medium-sized bird toy has bright eye-grabbing colors that are super bird enticing and help to brighten up any cage environment. The top of the 3504 Star Bear has a sturdy quick link attachment making for quick cage installation. A sturdy link chain hangs down from a metal ring that hangs from the quick link connector. This chain hangs down and strings through the center of the entire toy ending in another metal ring that hangs more beak pleasing items. On the top of the bear, the head sits a medium-sized colorful bubble star. This star can be easily turned around its axis on the chain and has (6) round bulbs. These bulbs are great fun for pet birds to check out and let you easily hang other items from this toy. The main body of the bird toy is a brightly colored adorable teddy bear! The bear has cute arms and legs with a happy smiling face. The top of the bear's head is a screw-top that lets you inside of the bear. Here you can stuff your pet's favorite shredding material, making for a fun foraging game! On the bottom of this bird toy from the metal ring hand (2) colorful acrylic rings and (2) stainless steel spoons. As your pet plays with the toy, it will swing all about making for great fun!

The 3504 Star Bear from Bonka Bird Toys is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately: This bird toy comes in assorted colors, all of them bird pleasing!

Height: (15) inches

Width: (3.25) inches

Weight: (6) ounces

Super brightly colored medium bird toy!
Bird Toys Made In USA
Great assortment of colors and materials.
It can be stuffed for foraging fun.
100% bird safe.