3493 pk2 10oz Stainless Steel Clamp Cup

$10.99 USD


The 3493 Pk2 10oz Stainless Steel Clamp Cups from Bonka Bird Toys is an excellent way to add (2) convenient feeding cups to your pets cage! These great cups are made with high quality stainless steel that look awesome with their super reflective finish. The cups themselves are wider on their mouth than their bottom making for easy cleaning and comfortable feeding. The cups lips are tapered too letting them sit nicely in their hoop holders and making them even more comfy for your pet to interact with. The clamp holders each have a large sturdy hoop ring with a clamp attachment welded on the back. These clamps are made from (2) pieces of rectangular metal slats and have a threaded screw core passing through a drilled hole in the middle. Included also is an easy to use wing nut for tightening the clamp to the cage bars. With (2) cups in the pack you can quickly provide food and water for your beaked buddy!

The 3493 Pk2 10oz Stainless Steel Clamp Cups are 100% bird safe, includes (2x) 10oz stainless steel clamp cups in the pack, and each cup weighs and measure approximately:

Height: (1.87) inches or (1 7/8) inches

Width: (3.93) inches or (3 15/16) inches

Depth from the back of the thread core to the front of the bowl: (4.87) inches or (4 7/8) inches

Weight: Under (4) ounces for each cup

  • Easy to install (Pk2) stainless steel feeding cups.
  • High quality stainless steel with reflective finish.
  • Cleans up just like new.
  • 100% bird safe.