3469 Egg Ducky Basket

$6.99 USD

3469 Egg Ducky Basket is a wonderfully cute toy for your small to medium sized bird. The 3469 is suspended by a quick link cage attachment that makes it easy to install in almost any cage. The natural basket handle hangs from the quick link cage attachment. The entire basket is made of chewable bird safe material and is great fun for your bird to bite and play with. On the bottom of the basket hands a small bell. In the basket is colored shredded paper that can be easily refilled if used up. You can also hide treats for foraging fun.In the middle of the basket is the centerpiece of the toy, an adorable egg ducky . The egg ducky has a knotted piece of platted paper on the top for more pulling fun. The 3469 Egg Ducky Basket is a great small toy to surprise your feathered friend, it measures approximately 6 inches high by 2 inches wide and comes with a quick link for easy cage placement.

  • Lots of colors and textures to entertain your bird.
  • Chewable and shreddable parts.
  • Easily hangs in any cage.
  • Visually and audibly stimulating.