3452 Flower Shred

$8.99 USD


The 3452 Flower Shred from Bonka Bird Toys is an enticing bird toy that will make your pet want to shred it! The Flower Shred has a pleasant assortment of colorful and natural materials. The top of the 3452 has a quick link attachment letting you promptly hang the toy. Its (2) inch depth of the bird toy makes it easy to fit in just about any cage. A metal wire is the backbone of the toy, keeping its shape and working as a loop that the quick link attachment loops through. A colorful plastic bead is at the very top of the toy with a colored piece of straw below it. There are (2) foam flowers under the straw with a perforated piece of shred paper wedged between them. These same items repeat as you go down the toy, with three more stacks of colored straw, (2) colorful foam flowers and a piece of shreddy paper. On the very bottom, there is a bundle of natural shred paper. All the parts of this bird toy are begging to be pulled and grabbed. The soft materials and appealing design make this toy perfect for birds of any age and are especially great for those loving pets with disabilities. The 3452 has an (8) inch height and weighs around (2) ounces. The bird toy is 100% bird safe.

  • An awesome array of beak pleasing textures.
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized birds.
  • Measures approximately 8 inches high by 5 inches wide.
  • All bird safe materials.
  • Quick link for easy placement whether in or out of the cage.