3434 Cardboard Spoon Shred

$8.99 USD

The 3434 Cardboard Spoon Shred from Bonka Bird Toys is a wild chewing adventure for your beaked buddy! The 3434 has tons of different chewing materials sure to keep your pet entertained for hours. Hanging is an easy step with the quick link attachment at the top of the toy. The bird toy hangs from the link with a metal ring that loops through the top of the wooden spoon. Skinny natural rope is knotted all about the top of the toy. The natural rope strings through multiple pieces of cardboard shreds. A natural wooden spoon is in the middle of the 3434 sticking out of the top and the bottom. Both ends of the spoon are adorned with colorful finger traps. The middle of the bird toy has a block of shredding cardboard. The bottom of the toy is similar to the top, with natural rope and cardboard shred pieces all over. Your pet will absolutely love chewing apart each item on the 3434. The 3434 Cardboard Spoon Shred measures about (5) inches wide, (11) inches tall and (1.75) inches deep. The toy weighs under (3) ounces and is 100% bird safe.

  • Awesome looking medium shred bird toy.
  • Great assortment of beak pleasing textures.
  • Matches any cage with its pleasing colors.
  • 100% bird safe.