3418 pk6 4 Inch Cardboard Punch

$2.99 USD

The 3418 pk6 4 Inch Cardboard Punch from Bonka Bird Toys are plain and useful foot toys for your feathered friend! The 3418 are perfect for birds of any age, especially those who are older or have a disability as the cardboard is soft and the toys are very simple. The pack includes (6) cardboard punch pieces. Each piece is a rounded rectangle with a small round perforation in the middle. Your pet will love to pull this perforation out and play with it. When removed you'll be able to hang up the cardboard punch and add it to other toys. As the punches are cardboard its very easy to shred them up and use them as chewing material! The most common way to use these toys are to simply place them around your pets cage and let them interact with them. Each punch measures about (3) inches wide by (4) inches tall with a (1/8) inch thickness. The 3418 is 100% bird safe.

  • Great simple foot toys!
  • Includes (12) cardboard punches.
  • Versatile foot toys.
  • 100% bird safe.