3418 pk6 4 Inch Cardboard Punch


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  • The 3418 pk6 4 Inch Cardboard Punch from Bonka Bird Toys offers a unique and engaging play experience for birds of all ages, especially older or disabled birds that may require softer and simpler toys. These foot toys are designed with your bird's well-being and entertainment in mind. Let's dive into the details and benefits of introducing these cardboard punches to your pet's environment.

    Simplistic Design, Endless Fun

    Soft and Safe: Crafted from cardboard, these toys are gentle on your bird's beak and talons, making them ideal for birds that need a softer material to interact with.

    Interactive Perforation: Each piece features a small round perforation in the center, inviting your bird to engage in pulling and playing with it. This simple action provides mental stimulation and physical activity.

    Versatile Usage: Beyond their initial use as foot toys, the cardboard punches can be hung up or added to other toys once the perforation is removed, offering a new dimension of play.

    Chewable Material: The cardboard material is not just soft but also shreddable, serving as an excellent chewing material that satisfies your bird's natural urge to chew and shred.

    Encourages Natural Behaviors

    Stimulates Foraging Instincts: Placing these toys around your pet's cage encourages exploration and foraging behavior, as your bird discovers and interacts with each punch.

    Promotes Physical Activity: Manipulating these lightweight toys helps maintain your bird's foot agility and coordination, contributing to their overall physical health.

    Safe and Convenient

    Bird-Safe Construction: With a commitment to your bird's safety, the 3418 pk6 4 Inch Cardboard Punch toys are made from 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring peace of mind during playtime.

    Easy to Place: Their size, approximately 3 inches wide by 4 inches tall and 1/8 inch thick, makes these punches easy to place around the cage without taking up too much space.

    Perfect Pack for Extended Fun

    Generous Quantity: Despite the description initially mentioning a pack of (6), it includes (12) cardboard punches, doubling the fun and opportunities for engagement.

    Incorporate the 3418 pk6 4 Inch Cardboard Punch into your bird's toy collection for a straightforward yet stimulating play option that caters to birds of all ages and abilities. These foot toys not only enrich your bird's daily activities but also contribute to a happier, healthier life through play and exploration.