3408 Pk6 Ribbed Rectangles

$5.99 USD

The 3408 Pk6 Ribbed Rectangles from Bonka Bird Toys are unique and colorful bird foot toys for your pet's enjoyment. The 3408 includes (6) brightly colored rectangles in the pack. Bird toys like these are super important to have for your pet. You'll want to have ample foot toys around their living space to keep them entertained, to add color to their surroundings and to keep things lively and fun in the aviary! Each rectangle in the pack has ribs all around each block. These ribs give texture for your pet to grab them with their feet and beak. The ribs also give you a place to string up each rectangle if you want to hang them. The center of the rectangles has a hole drilled through. This can be used to string them up or used to add the rectangles to other toys and parts of the cage.

The 3408 Pk6 Ribbed Rectangles from Bonka Bird Toys are 100% bird safe and weigh and measure approximately:

Length: (1.37) or (1 3/8) inches

Width: (1) inch

Depth: (1) inch

Single block weight: Under (0.5) ounces

Pack Weight: Under 3 Ounces

  • Includes (6) colorful ribbed rectangles.
  • Great chewable foot toys.
  • Unique shapes.
  • 100% bird safe.