3376 Mini Vine Hut

$6.99 USD

The 3376 Mini Vine Hut is a comfy way for your small pet bird to hang out and relax; the 3376 from Bonka Bird Toys is the perfect hideaway for your small cherished feathered friends. A small open-ended natural vine cylinder tent is suspended with a sturdy link chain encompassed with colorful plastic tubes; its simplistic design, and natural look will work in any aviary. The 3376 measures approximately 8 inches high by 3.50 inches wide and comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement. (Actual vine tent measures 3.50 inches high by 2.50 inches wide) perfect size for Parrotlets, Lovebirds, Finches, and other similar size birds.

  • A simple but natural hideaway.
  • Great for small to medium-sized birds.
  • All bird-safe materials.
  • A safe resting swing.