3367 Big Ring Pull

$14.99 USD

The 3367 Big Ring Pull from Bonka Bird Toys is a tough durable toy perfect for those energetic medium-sized beaked buddies! The wonderful upright design of the bird toy makes it fit in with any birdcage decore. At the top, there is a heavy-duty quick link attachment making hanging quick. A metal chain hangs from the connector and goes through the center of the toy, ending in a metal ring with (2) rings and a plastic ring hanging from it. A metal ring with (2) acrylic rings and the larger plastic ring are at the very top of the toy, resting on top of the first plastic ball. This ball sits on a 4-way durable plastic joint. A small chain strings through the horizontal opening, with another (2) acrylic rings and larger plastic ring hanging on either end. When your pet pulls on this chain it will pull the other side up, creating fun movement. In fact the whole toy moves around when your pet plays with it, always providing an entertaining experience! The 3367 bird toy is 100% bird safe.

  • Durable colorful medium bird toy.
  • Great assortment of parts.
  • Bright colors and shiny plastic.
  • Weighs under (8) ounces.
  • Measures about (13) inches tall, (4.5) inches wide and (2.5) inches deep.