3278 Paci Chip ON SALE!

$8.24 USD $10.99

The 3278 Paci Chip from Bonka Bird Toys is a reflective and colorful bird toy for your medium-sized beaked buddy. This bird toy looks great with its reflective surfaces and will last with its durable materials. At one end of the 3278 Paci Chip, there is a heavy-duty quick-link attachment. This makes for easy hanging right out of the pack. The other end of the bird toy has a metal ring where another hanger can easily be installed. The toy itself has a sturdy link chain that holds all of the other items on the toy. As the backbone of the toy is a chain you'll be able to experiment with many different hanging methods for you and your pet. As your pet investigates the chain they'll find metal rings with lots of bird pleasing items hanging from them. There are (5) metal rings on the chain and each has (2) colorful acrylic pacifiers and a stainless steel chip hanging. The pacifiers are in assorted colors and are gorgeous colors. Birds and people alike will love looking at them! The stainless steel chips are reflective and durable, feeling great in beaks and feet. The chain can have other items connected to it adding to the fun. The 3278 Paci Chip is 100% bird safe and weighs under (6) ounces. This bird toy measures about (11) inches long and has a (2) inch width.

  • Great shiny and colorful surfaces.
  • It can be hung in many different ways.
  • Very exciting when in motion.
  • 100% safe bird materials.