3184 pk12 Huge Popsicle Sticks

$5.99 USD

The 3184 pack 12 Huge Popsicle Sticks are a classic toy that is perfect as a foot or beak toy. Each stick is made of a natural wood material that is uncolored and 100% bird safe. The sticks measure about 8 inches long, 1 1/8 inch width and a 1/16 inch depth. The sticks have wavy sides, giving them a flowing look that goes great with other toys and when placed around the cage. Their lightweight lets birds of any size enjoy playing with them. The soft wooden material is great for chewing and foraging. The whole pack of the 3184 weighs about 3 ounces.

  • Includes 12 natural wooden Popsicle sticks.
  • Perfect as foot and chew toys.
  • Can be used in lots of different ways.
  • 100% bird safe.