3180 pack2 9inch Huge Seagrass Log

$4.99 USD

The 3180 Pack of 2 Huge Seagrass Log is a giant bound log of seagrass, just waiting for your feathered friend to rip into! The 3180 has tons of pieces of seagrass that are tightly bound together — the 3180 measures about 9 inches long with a 2-inch diameter. Your pet will find it easy to grab onto the rough texture all-around 3180. It's also great fun for them to bite and chew on the different pieces of the log. The log can be used in loads of different ways in your pet's cage. It can be used as an impromptu bridge to span two areas. It can be hung up with string or twine, creating a crazy fun hanging toy. It can be used as a ladder for your pet to climb upon. The uses are endless and you'll continue to find more as your pet plays with the log. The 3180 is made with 100% bird safe material.

  • Huge seagrass log!
  • Great texture for grabbing and chewing.
  • Hours and hours of fun.
  • 100% bird safe material.