3170 Pk6 Small Foraging Cup ON SALE!

$4.49 USD $5.99

The 3170 pk6 Small Foraging Cup from Bonka Bird Toys are straightforward natural foot toys that are great for birds of all ages and ability! The 3170 comes with (6) small foraging cups that can be played right from the pack. Each of the foraging cups is a similar cup shape. One side of the cup has a flat cut and a large opening. The other end of the cup has a small opening. This lets them easily stand up on the large opening side. They are perfect items to stuff with shreddy paper and other pet favorite materials. The natural light white color of the pods have them blend into any cage environment. As the cups are 100% natural they can be chewed apart to your feathered friend's heart content! They can even be strung up and hung with whatever you see fit.

  • Includes (6) natural small foraging cups.
  • Great versatile shape.
  • 100% natural.
  • Weighs under (3) ounces.
  • Each cup measure appoximately (2) inches wide by (1.5) inches tall.