3156 Spoon Spinner SALE

$8.99 USD $11.99

The 3156 Spoon Spinner is an exciting way to get the party started for your feathered friend! The Spoon Spinner is an assortment of bright colors and different materials that are easy to grab and play with. The top of the 3156 has a quick link attachment making installation quick and painless. There is a small sturdy metal chain connected to the attachment. At the other end of the chain, there is a metal ring that is looped through a couple of colored plastic rings. Next, there is a colored plastic bobbin, a plastic disc with different colors and another plastic bobbin on the bottom to keep the plastic disc in place. Around the plastic disc there three metal rings with a sturdy chain attached. On each of these chains are knots of dyed cotton rope. At the ends of the cotton, there are wooden beads wrapped in paper. The 3156 spins and moves with very little effort making it great for your pet. The 3156 is made with 100% bird safe materials. It measures about 11 inches tall by 6 inches wide.

  • Rainbow of different colors.
  • Lots of different chewing material.
  • Easy to pull and spin.
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials.