3153 Mug Spinner SALE

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The 3153 Mug Spinner is an exciting, spinnable, colorful, unique toy for your small to a medium sized pet bird. The top of the 3153 has a quick link attachment making installation fast and easy. From here there is a metal chain that connects to a metal ring. The metal ring is looped through a couple of colored plastic rings. Next, there are two plastic bobbins with a plastic disc in between that has multiple different colors. On the bottom of the plastic bobbin in the middle of the toy is a metal with loop through the side of the shaped plastic disc. Around the disc are three metal rings with a plastic colored ring on each. These loop through a plastic colored disc, which has another metal and plastic ring and then finally a colored mug on each. The toy is very easy to spin and pull creating an exciting experience for your pet. The 3153 measures about 10 inches tall and around 4 inches wide.

  • Great bright colors.
  • Lots of items for your pet to grab and pull.
  • Spins and moves very easily.
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials.