3120 Zig Zag Bridge

$39.99 USD

The 3120 Zig Zag Bridge gives your larger pet bird tons of objects to play and chew. The 3120 also looks great in any cage that it fits in with its bright vibrant colors and shiny metal bell. The top of the toy has a sturdy quick link cage connector making it easy to install and hang in most cages or on different items. From the connector there is a robust metal chain that runs down the center of the toy and through many wooden pieces. A colored block is right below the quick link connector. After the block you'll find a large rectangular colored block that measures about 10 inches wide. On either end of this block there are two more sturdy metal chains that pass through drilled holes. At the top of these chains there is a knot of rope. On all three of the chains on the 3120 there are multiple colored blocks that are shaped in rectangles and rhombuses. At the bottom of the left and right chains there are metal rings with more rope knots tied to them. At the bottom of the center chain there is a sturdy metal bell. The 3120 is made with 100% bird safe materials. The toy measures approximately 18 inches tall, has an 11 inch wide and has a roughly 1.5 inch depth.

  • Large toy with lots of objects for chewing and playing.
  • Great bright colors.
  • Rope knots making it easy for beaks or feet to pull and play.
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials.