3100 Daisy Ball

$7.99 USD

Delight your small pet bird with the enchanting 3100 Daisy Ball, a toy that combines visual appeal with interactive fun. This charming toy looks great in your bird's habitat and offers a variety of entertaining sounds that engage their curiosity. Easy to mount with a small quick link cage attachment, the Daisy Ball features a durable wire backbone adorned with four small colored plastic beads and a cascade of colorful wooden flowers interspersed with see-through rattle balls. The addition of a small metal bell at the toy's bottom introduces a pleasant auditory element to your bird's playtime.

Toy Highlights:

  • Colorful and Engaging Design: The 3100 Daisy Ball's bright flowers and rattle balls are designed to captivate and hold your bird's attention.
  • Interactive Sounds: The rattle balls and metal bell create enticing sounds that encourage play and exploration.
  • Easy Installation: The small quick link attachment ensures that adding this toy to your bird's cage is straightforward and hassle-free.
  • 100% Bird Safe: Crafted from bird-safe materials, this toy offers peace of mind and ensures a healthy environment for your feathered friend.

Ideal for Small Pet Birds

Measuring approximately 8 inches tall with a 1.5-inch depth, the 3100 Daisy Ball is perfectly sized for small pet birds, providing a compact yet stimulating accessory for their cage.

Encourages Play and Exploration

This toy's varied textures and elements are designed to engage your bird's natural behaviors, such as pecking and foraging, promoting a happy and active lifestyle.

The 3100 Daisy Ball from Bonka Bird Toys is more than just a toy; it's a source of joy and stimulation that will enhance your bird's daily life. Whether used as a standalone plaything or incorporated into a larger play area, this toy is sure to be a hit with your avian companion.