2951 Pk12 3/4" Bagel Tubes

$4.99 USD

2951 Pk12 3/4 Inch Bagel Tubes from Bonka Bird Toys – a burst of color and excitement designed to create an engaging playtime experience for your feathered friend. This versatile product brings visual appeal and interactive fun to your bird's habitat, offering a range of play options.
With a size of 3/4", they are ideal for small and medium-sized birds to interact comfortably. Whether used as a foot toy for playful exploration or integrated into DIY projects, the 2951 Pk12 3/4" Bagel Tube enhances your bird's environment by providing a canvas for their imagination to flourish. Bonka Bird Toys is synonymous with quality and safety, and the 2951 Pk12 3/4" Bagel Tube meets these high standards.

  • Twelve multi-colored cardboard bagels measuring 3/4 Inches in diameter.
  • Excellent foot talon toys, or add them to your DIY bird toy-making projects.
  • The bagel tubes promote activity and are a healthy play option.
  • Perfect for Quakers, Conures, Pionus, and similar-sized birds.
  • The pressed cardboard construction is 100% bird-safe.