2915 Small Charm Boing

$8.99 USD $15.99

The 2915 Small Charm Boing Coil Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is a wonderful colorful bouncy perch with lots of fun items for your small sized feathered friend! The top of the bird toy has a quick link attachment that loops through a swivel joint. This swivel joint makes for tons of fun as your pet will be able to spin around to their hearts desire. The bird perch hangs from this swivel with a metal loop that connects to a plastic end cap. The 2915 perch has multicolored cotton rope tightly wrapped around a metal wire continuing down the entire perch. Hanging from the perch are knots of colored paper with plastic dice and shapes hanging from the end. At the top and bottom there are knots of cotton rope perfect for preening. At the bottom of the perch there a large bell. The 2915 Small Charm Rope Boing Coil Swing is 100% bird safe, and measures approximately 52 Inches (when pulled straight) by 1/2-Inch diameter.

  • Colorful and enticing for those busy birds in your family.
  • New clink swivel for hours of swiveling fun.
  • Attached with colorful plastic beads, dice, and a double bell.
  • Perch diameter is approximately 1/2-Inch.
  • Non-toxic food dyed soft rope cotton.