1425 Duo Spoon Disc

$19.99 USD $24.99

Bonka Bird Toys 1425 Duo Spoon Disc, with colorful plastic discs, is decorated with colorful acrylic rings and eight stainless steel spoons, a great climbing and noise-making toy. Your medium to large-sized feathered friends will be visually stimulated and intrigued by this toy. It measures approximately 16 inches high by 6 inches wide and comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement.
  • Loaded with fun to explore textures, shapes and lots of color.
  • Made with bird safe components.
  • Assembled in the USA.
  • Mechanical toys that encourage beak exploration and manipulation will help birds to develop their dexterity and fine motor skills and will also provide mental stimulation.
  • Bonka Bird Toy designs use a diverse selection of stimulating bird-safe materials to ensure pet birds' mental and physical well-being.