2415 Chewy Vineyard

$14.99 USD

Introducing the 2415 Chewy Vineyard from Bonka Bird Toys! This energetic and stimulating toy is perfect for any pet bird, especially medium-sized birds. Our natural vine balls, colored natural wood blocks and leather strips are designed to offer hours of fun and entertainment. The large and medium-size vine balls will keep your feathered friend content while they explore their environment, get some exercise or solve puzzles. Plus, you'll love the way the vibrant colors stand out in any aviary! The 2415 Chewy Vineyard is ideal for those looking to provide their pet bird with an interesting and fulfilling experience. Get your bird acquainted with a variety of shapes, textures, and colors that they can interact with as they use their beaks or feet to chew or manipulate these toys. Not only do these toys promote physical activity but also mental engagement. When added to your pet's environment, it's sure to be lots of fun for them! Shop the 2415 Chewy Vineyard from Bonka Bird Toys today for a great addition to your bird's aviary!