Natural Chunky V

$22.99 USD


Introducing Natural Chunky V, the natural wooden perch your parrot or bird needs to stay happier and healthier. Our bottlebrush wood perch is designed with two layers of woof, the ideal material for all kinds of birds and parrots. Your feathered friend will thank you for choosing our chewy yet solid perches, as this unique construction is soft enough for them to chew on but strong enough to provide sturdy grip during their climb and exploration.

No more flimsy plastic grates in your pet's cage; Natural Chunky V offers ample support and assurance on their feet as the distinctive bottlebrush wood cups their claws with a secure hold that helps promote healthy nails. With its colorful lines and curves, Natural Chunky V gives your pet an aesthetically pleasing climbing spot - not to mention some beak-busting fun!

When it comes to providing your feathered loved one with a perch they will enjoy and safely use at home, there’s no better choice than Natural Chunky V. Available in assorted sizes and styles, Natural Chunky V gives every pet owner modern convenience while keeping their companion safe and secure all day long!